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North Andover Alimony Attorney

If you are going through a divorce you will want to make sure you have an experienced lawyer who understands Massachusetts Alimony Law and how it is applied. North Andover alimony attorney Kevin McQuade has been protecting individuals going through divorce for many years. He is familiar with the Massachusetts courts and understands the challenges involved in spousal support disputes. Whether or not alimony will be paid by one spouse to the other is often a difficult issue to resolve.

Massachusetts Alimony Laws

Alimony may be paid by either the husband or the wife. The amount of support is based upon the recipient’s need for support in consideration of the other party’s ability to pay. Alimony is commonly awarded in long-term marriages.

Massachusetts alimony law designates four different types of alimony:

·         General alimony

·         Transitional alimony

·         Rehabilitative alimony

·         Reimbursement alimony

Attorney Kevin McQuade will provide a thorough analysis of your case, and work closely with you to understand your concerns and expectations. We develop a customized plan designed specifically to address your goals.

Questions about Alimony or Spousal Support?

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