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 When you are planning for the future of your estate, you want to work with an attorney that has your best interests in mind.  The Law Office of Kevin McQuade has the experience to guide you through this process.


A Will is part of an estate plan. It provides disposition of your property upon your death. In a Will, you select your choice of Executor to execute the terms of your Will, and appoint the persons you trust to serve as Guardian of any minor children. In order to be given effect, a Will must be probated, which is the formal judicial process in the Probate Court by which a Will is formally presented and allowed by the court. Until the Will is allowed and the executor is appointed, no one has legal authority to deal with probate assets, which may delay the ability to access cash for the payment of expenses.


 If you want to avoid probate, or plan for incapacity, then a Trust would be an appropriate estate planning vehicle to consider. With a Revocable Grantor Trust, you would establish the trust and retain the reserved power to revoke or amend the trust as you please during your lifetime. You could serve as the initial Trustee, and the trust would designate successor trustees, to serve in your place in the event of your incapacity or death. Upon your death, your property would be distributed to your named beneficiaries, as set forth in the trust. If you transfer your assets to your trust during your lifetime, you would be able to avoid probate.

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