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Modifications & Contempt Lawyer in North Andover MA


There are many reasons why one party may want to revisit existing to a child custody or support agreement terms. They may include:

  • New employment
  • Loss of employment
  • Remarriage or cohabitation
  • Changes in availability to see children

Sometimes, one or both parties may simply need clarification about child custody or support requirements.  The Law office of Kevin McQuade has experience in handling cases where initial terms of child custody and/or support need to be modified. North Andover family law attorney Kevin McQuade knows the complexities and stresses of this area of law.

Any change in a custody or support must be approved by a court to take effect. Therefore, it is important to consult an experienced Massachusetts attorney and get your new agreement approved by a judge. This ensures that your rights will be protected should your ex-spouse or partner fail to meet the new terms.

Contempt Lawyer, Andover MA

You have rights. You have options when your former spouse doesn't follow the terms of your divorce decree. If an ex-spouse or the other parent is in violation of a court order, The Law Office of Kevin McQuade is here to help. Attorney McQuade can take action if the other party is not paying child support or alimony, interfering with visitation rights, or otherwise ignoring the terms of a court-approved agreement.

Attorney McQuade can help you file a complaint for:

  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to pay alimony
  • Refusal of visitation
  • Purposely violating the parenting schedule
  • Failing to pay health insurance premiums
  • Notify you that health coverage was terminated
  • Failing to comply with property division provision

After filing the complaint, we will seek an order enforcing the judgment, as well as an order that the other party pay your attorney fees. The court takes these cases seriously, authorizing wage garnishment, liens on property or bank accounts, and as a last resort, jailing the disobedient party to coerce compliance.

Questions about Modifications or Contempt?

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