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 Resolving Custody and Visitation Issues

Caring for children after a divorce can often be an ongoing source of conflict between the parents. It is important that the initial custody determinations, and any changes that happen in the future, are guided by an attorney who has extensive experience handling such sensitive issues.

North Andover child custody attorney Kevin McQuade has that experience. Attorney McQuade knows that each parent has legitimate interests at stake in custody disputes. Whether the parents are divorced or were never married, our firm works to reach custody and visitation arrangements that

are healthy for the children and the parents.

Child Custody Basics in Massachusetts

There are two types of child custody:

1) Legal custody, which concerns decision-making authority for your child's medical care, religious upbringing, education and general well-being

2) Physical custody, which is where the child lives

One or both parents can be granted physical custody, legal custody, joint custody or visitation rights.  Massachusetts courts are tending away from the concept of "visitation," and are referring to it as "parenting time" rather than visitation.

 Attorney McQuade will work to achieve:

* Custody and parenting time orders that are fair and workable
* Modifications in custody and parenting arrangements
* Proposed child relocations
* Enforcement of custody and parenting orders
* Protection of your parental rights

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